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How do I balance the cost of my kids activities?
Are you trying to figure out how to manage all the expenses related to supporting your kids activities?...
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Ep 84: Are you living in the now, present, or future?
Are You or Someone you Know Trying to Keep up with the Joneses?
Who are the Joneses? And why might YOU or someone YOU know be trying to keep up with them Today on the...
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How can I teach my kids about money?
Today’s question on Money on your Mind is “How can I teach my kids about money?” Join...
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Ep 58: The 4 areas of life impacted when caregiving for two generations
Who are the Sandwich Generation?
Do you know what 256 million dollars (and some change) represents?This is the dollar amount that equates...
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Ep 53: Three Ways to Make Empty Nest Transition Easier with Babs Plunkett
A conversation and story about choosing JOY with Babs Plunkett
We all can get caught up with what is referenced to the “hamster wheel of life.” The thought and effects...
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Daughter Relationships with Ann Dillard
Understanding the challenges of mother/daughter relationships with guest Ann Dillard, LMFT
On this week’s Thrive For[e]ward podcast we welcome founder of KIP Consulting Services, LLC, Ann Dillard,...
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Ep 54: Getting Real About Paying For College
Back to school and how to save for college
We are talking about back to school this episode, especially about saving for college or post-secondary...
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Ep 48: The Journey of Motherhood, Entrepreneurship, and Coming Out with Alana Miller
Learning that our stories are what make us worthy of wealth in all capacities with Alana Miller
Have you ever paused while listening to someone’s story? Today our guest Alana Miller, Co-Founder of...
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Ep 34: Grief, Loss, and the Ugly Stuff We Don't Want to Discuss with Nora McInerny
Making the REAL part of life okay to share with Nora McInerny
Life isn’t always about making lemonade from the lemons, sometimes we just need to sit in the sour -...
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Ep 27: How to Teach Your Kids to Spend, Save, Invest, and Give Their Money With Mac Gardner
How four bears are changing the direction of financial literacy with Mac Gardner
When we discuss topics of building wealth you will always hear or read from me about the need for more...
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