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How do I begin with a budget?
If you found extra money that you didn’t know you had, how would you spend it? Budget might feel like...
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How do I not overspend on a celebration?
Do you have something to celebrate? If so, you might be thinking about how you can throw an actual celebration...
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Do I need to be saving for college for my kids?
Today’s question on Money on your Mind is “Do I really need to be saving for college for...
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What is an index fund?
Welcome to today’s episode of Money on Your Mind, where we are talking about “What is an...
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What is an ETF Fund?
Last week we answered the question “What is a mutual fund?” and today on Money on Your Mind,...
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What is a mutual fund?
We are going to take the next few weeks to address the difference between a mutual fund, an ETF and index...
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How do I know if my investments align with my values?
YOU invest but have you ever wondered if what you are actually investing in aligns with YOUR values?...
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What do I do if my advisor is retiring?
What do I do if my advisor is retiring? Are you in this situation or do you anticipate you might be in...
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How do I keep my financial information secure?
One of the biggest concerns most of us have in regards to our financial information is … how do...
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Should I have an investment account or an insurance policy?
Do you know or have you thought about whether you should have an investment account or an insurance policy?...
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What should I consider before changing my job or career?
On today’s Money on Your Mind series, we are answering the question, “What should I consider...
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When should I consider a donor advised fund?
Do YOU know when you should start thinking about a donor advised fund? Or do you even know what that...
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